6 Foot Care Tips You Should Know

Your feet are mostly exposed to life's wear and tear. Unfortunately, they don't get as much care. We often focus our attention on our facial skin, hands, and, hair. Ignoring your feet care routine is never a good idea. It can only lead to detrimental consequences like infections, calluses, cracked and rough skin, bad odour, and many others.

Take the time to appreciate the workhorses of your body that move you through the world and keep in mind these 6 steps to help your feet stay clean and healthy at all times! 

Road to Healthy Feet! 6 Care Tips to Remember

1. Do a quick daily check-up of your feet and toenails by looking out for swellings, cuts, and any signs of infection. If you spot any of these, don’t hesitate to seek out help from medical or dermatological experts.

2. It is never a bad idea to clean your feet with warm water. Aside from the soothing feeling it gives, the warmth also helps reduce inflammation and stimulates circulation. However, don’t soak them too long for it’ll dry out your skin.

3. Just like the rest of your skin, your feet also need moisture. Don’t forget to apply lotion, petroleum jelly, or cream. But don’t apply these products between your toes. It is recommended to keep the skin there dry in order to prevent infection.

4. Exfoliate your feet 1-2 times every month. The entire moisturizing routine would be useless if the first layer of your skin screams “dead skin”.

5. Always wear socks. Not only do they protect your feet from the cold but also shield them from the environment’s wear and tear like dust and dirt.

6. Trim your toenails straight across with a nail clipper. Then use an emery board or nail file to smooth the corners, which will prevent the nail from growing into your skin.


Never neglect to give your feet their much-needed tender-loving-care! And if you feel like spoiling your feet a little bit today, then check out our premium products to find feet care must-haves worth-adding to your essentials. Go ahead and say it loud and proud: I LOVE MY FEET AND I’M GONNA SHOW IT!

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